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About us

1.The Organizing Background

    The Regional Academy is a partnership between CISCO and The Federal Atlas Alliance (Association) gathering a number of 200.000 members.
    The Regional Academy has agreements with the main Federal Unions of UFS Atlas: FSLI Petrom, FS Telecommunication and FS Gas Romania, which represent more than 50% of the members and is also willing to establish contacts with the other 8 Federal Unions of the Alliance.

2.Target Group

   The CISCO Courses offered talk mainly to the following categories:
     - specialists of the computer centers from the 3 branches(Petrom, Romtelecom, Gaz)
     - all employers who wish to follow this courses
     - the employers' children
     - the employers' children who are National or International Olympics and are already part of an union program of Psycho Pedagogical Assistance

3. Regional Academy Structure

    - For now we opened 5 centers (Bucuresti, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Bacau and Iasi)
    - Partnerships will be concluded with the Unions from
       - Petrom Branches
       - Romtelecom General Departments
       - Distrigaz Romānia Regional Departments

4. Present Stage

   - The Academy was set up in December 2002
   - The Academy's courses started on 21 February 2003
   - The Academy carries on its activity in 5 towns of the country: Bucuresti, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Bacau and Iasi
   - The first series has 120 students:
   Out of which:
     - 50 employers:   - 25 IT specialists IT
                                - 25 other employers
     - 42 employers' children
     - 30 Olympics
   Out of those attending the courses:
    - 25% are girls
    - 80% of the employers are sponsored by unions
    - 100% Olympics sponsored by unions

    - in May 2003 - The Academy became Cisco Regional Academy

   - the second series of the courses was opened in Bucharest and Pitesti

    - In June 2003 the courses offer varied and now one can follow:

      1. IT essentials 1
      2. IT essentials 2
      3. Unix Fundamentals

     - in July 2003 the fifth centre opened at Iasi together with the third series of courses

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