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1. What is Cisco Atlas Academy?

    Cisco Atlas Academy is the result of the cooperation between SNP Petrom and Cisco Systems through Cisco Networking Academy Program. More information on

2. What am I going to obtain after I will have finished Cisco Academy's courses?

    After graduating all 4 semesters of the course (as a student) you will be entitled to 4 Cisco certificates which certify that you have attended these courses. You will be registered in Cisco data base and you can benefit a discount for CCNA exam. The reduced price of the exam is 120$ (when this material was written).

3. Who are the instructors?

    The instructors are students at Polytechnic University Bucharest, with international certifications (CCNA, CCAI).

4. Can a firm train personal at the Academy's courses?

    Contact us at:
    Then we will establish together the courses' schedule.

5. Why special costs?

    Because the Academy must be accessible for all those who wish to attend its courses.
    This is why we have special costs for:

    - SNP Petrom, Atlas, Gaz and Romtelecom employers
    - employers' children
- employers' Olympic children
    - persons and legal entities.

7. How are the courses carried on?

    Method: Students are enrolled by their instructor in a class on and choose a user name and a password. With these they will log on where they will also take their exams.

    ATTENTION: Courses and exams are entirely in English.

    In each session students read two courses minimum from the curriculum and after each of them they will take an exam.

    Marking: Marking the exams is automatically made on Cisco site. Usually exams have 25 questions. Maximum grade is 100 points and the minimum one is 70 points. In the intermediate exams students are allowed to use documentation.

    If a student takes more than 3 exams with a grade under 70 points he is automatically expelled.

    Instructors' role: Instructors activate exams, correct with the students the mistakes found in the tests, answer questions, and perform practical activities with the students.

    Final exam: Each semester ends with a final exam that has a number of questions varying between 59 and 81. The minimum grade at this exam is 70 points. You can not pass to the next semester without graduating the previous one.

    During the FINAL EXAM it is forbidden the use of any documents no matter what format (classic or electronic).

8. How can I get a user name and a password for Login section?

    Only students attending the courses at Regional Atlas Academy have access to this section. Details will be discussed with the instructors of these courses.

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