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CNAP Program (Cisco Networking Academy Program)

    Program Informations

     In 1993 CISCO began designing practical and rentable computer networks for different institutions. Before long, designing and installing these networks was not enough and it became obvious that administrating the networks was also needed. George Ward, the main consulting engineer from CISCO, developed a training system in network administration for teachers and personal. Soon he realized that personal had no time for learning this material so he moved to the next segment in educational institutions-the students. The success of these seminars lead to a significant raise in demands all over the world so CISCO developed a curriculum which turned into a new course, taught in a detailed form. The structured curriculum and consultancy activities resulted in Cisco Networking Academy program.

     Students proved to be very interested in this course, many of them following this course even outside school hours. Today, thousands of students all over the world are pioneers in this program of "education for work", conceived for a new world economy.

     Through Cisco Networking Academy program, students can gather all necessary knowledge for Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) exam. This certificate offers them immediate possibilities of employment or of continuing their technical and scientific studies.

     Briefly, Cisco Networking Academy is a complete program about the principles and the ways of designing, building and administrating different networks, capable of serving national and international organizations.

     This program uses Regional Academies as a nucleus, each of them supporting up to ten Local Academies. These Regional Academies train teachers who supervise Local Academies' programmers. Regional Academies send CISCO information concerning the individual performances of the Academy, the quality and efficiency of the curriculum and students' progress.

     Why this program appeared?

     The reason why this program was introduced is maybe obvious for personal who works in designing, installing and maintaining computer networks. From the networks in the 80's that used thin coaxial cable and served, in the best case, only a building nowadays practically all computers are connected to a network and to the Internet.

     Technologies used in data communication are becoming more and more sophisticated and the number of users in the last decade grew exponentially. In all activities computer networks are used in different purposes.

    For assuring professional data communication services it was proved that professional equipments are not enough, qualified, highly trained personal is also needed.

    Cisco Networking Academy Program in Romania

    Cisco Networking Academy program began in April 1999 when the first 20 instructors started their training at RoEduNet Regional Academy, Bucharest. Later, on 4 may 1999, the first Local Academy started its activity at "Cantemir Voda" National College, Bucharest. Shortly after, "Unirea" National College, Focsani also started teaching the CISCO curriculum to its students.

    As recognition of the programme's success in Romania, RoEduNet Bucharest - The Department of Automatics and Computers in Polytechnic University, Bucharest, was authorised as a regional training centre of Regional Academies in 15 countries. Cisco Academic Training Centre trains instructors for Regional Academies in a specific geographic area, who select and assure the instructors needed for 10 local academies. This centre is one of the 37 CATC centres spread worldwide and is unique in the Balcanic area. At the Department of Automatics and Computers a modern networking training centre functions with the help of CISCO Systems.

    First team of instructors finished the training program in May 2000 at RoEduNet, Bucharest. The first instructor became CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCAI (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor) in July, 2000.

    In September, 2000 at "I. L. Caragiale" National College, Ploiesti, the first team of students of a local academy in Romania graduated. In only 11 months, 12 students together with the deputy manager of the college covered all 4 sections of the CCNA program. Three of those who graduated already obtained the CCNA certificate.

    In the period 3-5 December 2000, a team having 15 CISCO students and instructors designed and built the data network for the international conference entitled "Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe - New Modern Technologies and Their Impact on Education and Training Systems in the South Eastern Europe" which took place in Sinaia. It was the first important event in Romania where students and instructors trained at Networking Academy were invited to prove their knowledge.

    Starting from February 2001 IT journalists have the possibility to discover Cisco Networking Academy program as students in class specially designed for them. Here you find more information.

    From all 100 countries where Cisco Networking Academy functions, Romania stands on the 11 place in the world and the 6 place in Europe, in a classification made after the number of institutions involved in this program. In Romania there are now 11 Regional Academies and 110 Local Academies, their number continuing to grow.

    Considering its geographical development Cisco Networking Academy has at least one Local Academy in the following cities: Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Bacau, Baia Mare, Bârlad, Bistrita, Brasov, Buftea, Calarasi, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Focsani, Galati, Iasi, Nasaud, Oradea, Piatra Neamt, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Rosiorii de Vede, Sfântu Gheorghe, Sibiu, Sighetu-Marmatiei, Sighisoara, Sinaia, Suceava, Târgu-Mures, Timisoara and Valsui.

    The format of the courses reflects its content:

    Interactive lessons stored mostly on the Web server in the classroom. The courses' structure allows different learning styles. Those who enjoy learning through reading have the text. Those who base their studies on visual memory can concentrate on detailed graphics and movies in Quick Time format. In order to promote practical activities, projects do not ask only for solving technical problems but also successfully meeting the users' needs.

    Local Academies are guided by Regional Academies, from which they receive technical support and are also sustained by SMARTnetTM services, a service that provides technical support and allows permanent access to Cisco Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) and to Web Cisco Connection Online (CCO), and more than that to maintaining versions of the software, to completions of the documents and next-day delivery service for spare parts.

    The advantages of following Cisco Networking academy courses

- qualifying in a new and much demanded job: network administrator.
- qualifying in designing, building and maintaining small and medium networks.
- studying the latest documents in this field, documents that are permanently brought up to date by Cisco specialists.
- online access to the documents stored on Cisco servers.
- obtain different certificates issued by Cisco that are recognized worldwide.
- obtain letters of confirmation from John Chambers, managing director, letters that comes together with the certificates issued by Cisco.
- access to jobs offered by Cisco partners.
- access to jobs in designing, building and maintaining small and medium networks.
- students with good results have the possibility to apply for a scholarship from Cisco Learning Institute-1000$/year for 2 years.
- obtaining different scholarships from Cisco, its partners or sponsors.
- using the certificates obtained in order to apply for scholarships offered by different organizations.
- obtaining vouchers for taking exams in this field (50% discount from the price of the final exam)
- the possibility of completing studies by following Unix Fundamentals and Web design programs.
- gathering all necessary knowledge for taking the career exam: CCNA "Cisco Certified Network Associate"

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